Minimum Sailing Kit


Note: Please use a soft, foldable bag as suitcases are difficult to store on board. You can, of course, unpack on board and leave your suitcase in your car.


Please bring with you…

  • Enough changes of clothes to last the number of days you are sailing, plus one extra set. (Always worth having a spare.)

  • Select clothes that are comfortable, T-shirts and the like.

  • Casual clothing suitable for shore wear (we sometimes visit a pub for a meal or drinks)

  • Warm jumper and Fleece

  • Soft (non marking) shoes

  • At least 2 pairs of warm socks

  • Sleeping bag (essential)

  • Towel & wash kit (a bag to carry your wash kit to the shower blocks and back is handy too)

  • Suntan lotion & lip salve (yes, even in England)

  • Torch with fresh batteries

  • Woollen hat, scarf or snood

  • Gloves and Sun hat or baseball hat

  • Shorts (always optimistic)

  • Own medical items, Passport if going foreign. Some money for a café/pub

  • Sea boots (don't buy these if you don't have a pair, a 2nd pair of soft shoes will do)

  • Own waterproofs, if you own them. Otherwise these an be used free of charge

Optional Items…

  • Flip-flops or other slip-on shoes for wearing to the shower blocks.

  • Ear plugs, to keep on good terms with those who may snore!

  • An evening beverage of your choice & mixer, if needed

The following items are provided as part of the course…

  • Pillow and pillow case

  • Approved life jacket and harness

  • Use of waterproofs

  • Clean fleece under blankets for each course

  • Shearwater T Shirt

  • RYA Log book & certificate documents folder.